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Colour Chart

This exercise is called a colour chart, it's a simple way to show you what happens when you mix two colours together. A twelve set (standard sized set) of colours whether they are pencils, marker pens or anything else don't have to limit your creativity. There is so much you can do with twelve colours.


- Draw a grid of 13 rows x 13 columns making the first column and the last row thinner than the others. If you have a larger set of colours you will need more rows and columns. Your grid should look similar to the one below...


- Print off the available PDF file here...


- In the same order, colour the smaller row and column these will be left as they are to show you what two colours are being mixed.


- Matching the colour to the one in the column, colour to the end of each row like this until the grid is filled in...


- Copy the same thing again this time going up each column, as you place the colour on top of another you will see it change, yellow can become orange, green or brown, etc.

You can use this chart in the future to give you ideas when colouring in your artwork. The colour charts themselves can be very bright and look like artwork itself, so you can decorate your room with them.

If you have lots of two or more colours you can also make two colour charts, for example, collect all of your different blue pencil crayons and all your pink pencil crayons you can see the range of purples you can make. A bit like this one...

I would recommend doing colour charts for each of your art supplies e.g. watercolour paints, pencil crayons...

You may have slightly different colours in each set.


If your child has paints I would recommend mixed media paper which can come in sketchbooks, it is much better then printer paper as it does not wrinkle or rip.

Here is a link to a sketchbook I highly recommend...



Enjoy your creations and stay safe.

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