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Art Lesson Prices

With the incredibly strange times that we live in kids are the ones who can suffer missing out on lessons they love most.

For the past year, I have been doing home visit 1-2-1 art lessons. These are now lessons I will be doing online to protect myself and my students.

I normally offer services for adults and children teach the technical side of art, these services are still available to anyone interested in learning how to use paints properly, perspective, colour and light theory and more.

Since so many children who like me might struggle in other subjects but thrive in art and creativity, they are missing their favourite lesson. So I am now offering Arts and Crafts online lessons for kids.

Prices for all are as follows:

- Comprehensive/technical Art Lesson: £22.00 per hour (as regularly as you like)

- Kids Arts and Crafts Lessons: £8.50 for ONE hour ONCE a week

£17.00 for TWO hours ONCE a week

or ONE hour TWICE a week

£23.00 for TWO hours TWICE a week

£28.50 for ONE hour THREE times a week

£34.00 for TWO hours THREE times a week

How it will work?

You can choose from a range of apps to video call the lesson to you or your children:

- Skype

- Messenger video chat

- Google hangout

- WhatsApp

- FaceTime

You can book a time and date for the lessons based on availability.

And payments can be made through online banking.

A message will be sent to you either an hour or the night before each lesson to let you know what art supplies may be needed as an hour can pass very quickly.

Thank you and stay safe.

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