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Behind the Lens: Getting to know me

A sunset evening, woman stood in foreground holding an old Olympus camera to her face, photographing the viewer.

Hi, I'm Louise.

Let me tell you a little more information about myself.

Woman with dark hair smiling up at the camera

I've lived in Congleton almost my entire life, apart from a brief three years when I lived in mid-wales for university. I'm friendly, a bit of a chatterbox, and very dyslexic. On mastermind, my specialist subject would be Lord of the Rings! Yes, I am a massive nerd! And proud of it! When I have time I play video games like World of Warcraft and Uncharted. And I'm one of those people that sings along to EVERYTHING!!! Even if I've never heard it before.

I'm more then just a photographer!

When I'm not taking photographs, I love painting and illustrating, and once again, I'm old-fashioned. There is nothing better than traditional painting materials. I like to call myself a creative. I know quite a few people throw that word around, but in my case, I feel like it applies.

Some of my interests include:

  • Knitting

  • Embroidery

  • Sewing

  • Canvas Building

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Writing

  • more...

A mum and young baby sat in an armchair together giggling and they are tickled by daddy's hand.

But what I'm most proud of and gives me the most joy. Is, my beautiful, cheeky baby boy. We get up to all sorts of mischief together, and I can't help but smile when I watch him fascinated with something new or giggling at something he enjoys. Like most little boys, he is obsessed with wheels and cars, which makes my vintage car enthusiast partner and my train-obsessed dad very happy.

For now, we live a very quiet life, the three of us all together. My partner tinkers away on a little stationary engine or his Airfix models. While I focus on whatever creative project I'm currently working on. And our little quite happily potters around, seeing what mayhem and mess he can make next.

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