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Minions are a much-loved group of small yellow beings with an odd language all their own. Getting up to mischief, being clumsy and generally making us laugh. I've never drawn minions before and this was a relaxing exercise.

There are three PDF's available for this design, so your creativity can run wild.


Simple colouring page, you can choose to colour in the drawing however you wish.


You choose at random three colours, you can close your eyes, turn around whatever method you prefer but you can't up a colour back if it is not what you wanted. The challenge is to see how you think you can best use limited colours.


Set three colour challenge, I have already randomly picked three colours. Using what art supplies you have, try to match the three colours a close as you can. Before you start colouring plan where you think each colour should go, also experiment mixing the colours you have together.


  1. You CANNOT use graphite pencils to add shadows or for grey, dark or black areas.

  2. If you choose two or three colours that are the same you can up them back and select new colours.

  3. You CANNOT pick and choose which three colours you want to use

  4. You CAN mix your three colours together to give you more options

  5. Be creative with it


  • Use a spare piece of paper to test what colours you have and how to mix them.

  • Use a clean sheet of paper to rest your hand on so your colours don't smudge.

  • Add shadows to make the picture look more interesting.

  • Leave sections of the white paper blank to create highlights.

  • If you don't have a skin colour you like, you can leave the skin white and just add blush or shadows.

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