Helian the Night Elf
  • Helian the Night Elf

    From a young age like many Night Elves, Helian developed a passion for nature, fascinated with the teachings of Malfurion Stormrage and Cenarius she made the decision to become a druid. She learned quickly becoming a full-fledged druid as the threat of the Lich King Arthus returned to destroy her much-loved homeland. Many worried that her wide-eyed innocence and sweet child-like personality would endanger her life, leaving her weak at the hands of the scourge that once again came for Azeroth. 
    And yet when the fight came Helian did everything she could working with the nature she fought to protect, she came to be a hero and champion of the Alliance, feared by any enemy and beloved by everyone else. She’s never lost her joy or sweet nature and she will not be underestimated if anyone threatens the forests or animals of Kalimdor she will do whatever it takes to bring them down.
    A portrait of Helian as a young druid smiling up at Elune setting out on her first adventure.

    A3 unframed graphite drawing of world of warcraft avatar.