I'm a photographer, fine artist and illustrator from Cheshire, England. I spent three amazing years living and studying at Aberystwyth University as a Fine Art StudentThrough those three years, I had a safe space in which I was able to work out my artist strengths and weaknesses. As well as discovering my love of film photographyand darkroom developing


When I first decided to pursue art as a career I didn't think too much into how I was going to make moneyobviously, I would do commissions and exhibitions however since graduating some years ago I have on and off struggled with the practicality of being a professional artist. 


Though I would like to one day focus my attention on doing Illustrations as my main workI currently enjoy creating portraits in different mediums. Even though I enjoy my more stylised artwork recently I have been thinking carefully about what sort of artwork I wish to createand I have reached the conclusion I wish to create more realistic looking workso I will use what I learn from painting portraits and apply that to my illustrations.